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What is Alternative Measures? Alternative Measures is a program that diverts adults from the criminal court system while still holding them accountable for a criminal code offence. Who decides if my charge can go Alternative Measures? On PEI, the Police and/or Cown Attorney’s office makes the referral for an Alternative Measure. This can occur either. What is the Adult Alternative Measures Program? The adult Alternative Measures Program (AMP) is a program that is available to individuals charged with minor offenses in Alberta that either have no criminal record or, on the Crown’s discretion, to those who have fewer than two offenses on their record.Author: Ccladmin.

The Criminal Code provides for the application of alternative measures, in certain cases, instead of the usual court proceedings. Under the Program, adult offenders charged with certain criminal offences can take responsibility for their actions and settle the dispute that brought them into the justice system, following an alternative route that does not involve the usual court proceedings. The Criminal Code of Canada allows Crown counsel to determine if an alternative measures program would be more suitable and ultimately more beneficial for the victim, community and offender. Alternative measures must protect the public and are used for less serious offences.

Section 717 of the Criminal Code of Canada (CCC) allows for the use of Alternative Measures for adults when: • the person is 18 years of age or older (there is a 10179 Adult Alternative Measures Program Author: Department of Public Safety Province of New Brunswick.