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The Adult Literacy League offers one-to-one tutoring for adult basic education and English language literacy for students aged 18 and over. In some cases where students are emancipated minors, we will serve 16 and 17 year old learners as well. For a comprehensive, free online tutor training workshop, we suggest that you try Adult Literacy Volunteer Training from the Illinois State Library. ProLiteracy has also updated its tutor training. Find information about it at this blog post: A New and Improved Tutor Training.

Adult literacy tutors help adults learn how to read and write by teaching them the basics of spelling, grammar, composition and comprehension. According to the National Assessment of Adult Literacy, adult literacy increased very little between 1992 and 2003, which suggests a significant need for. Our volunteer tutors are truly the heart of Seeds of Literacy. As a tutor, you’ll provide one-to-one attention, instruction, and encouragement to adult students as they work toward the GED® credential and a life of possibilities. Watch students share in their own words what Seeds of Literacy’s tutors mean to .

ALTA. The Adult Literacy Tutors Association, a non-profit organization in existence since 1992, provides the only comprehensive, structured, adult literacy programme in Trinidad and Tobago. Real Tutors, Real Learners. Real Tutors, Real Learners is a set of videos created by Literacy DuPage which illustrates practical techniques for basic and ESL literacy instruction.. The videos are available for viewing on the Literacy DuPage YouTube channel.. As you watch the videos, look for circled numbers that mark recommended practices.

Literacy affects the day to day of all adults: in workplaces, supermarkets, doctor’s offices, when paying bills, and in social settings. We estimate over 90,000 people* in Erie and Niagara counties that struggle due to lack of functional literacy. Become an adult literacy volunteer and help empower an adult learner to reach their full potential to participate more fully in society. Of the thousands of adult literacy tutors in the ProLiteracy member network, 85% are volunteers! Find Volunteer Opportunities in Your Area. Want to .

Adult Literacy is using printed and written information to function in society, to achieve one’s goals, and to develop one’s knowledge and potential. What type of learners do we tutor? Our Adult Literacy Tutoring program is designed for students not yet ready for Adult Basic Education classes or for English language learners who are at pre. This lesson will give you some overall tips about adult literacy tutoring. The most important tip to remember is to ask your program’s Literacy Coordinator. As an adult literacy tutor you are part of a collaborative team upon whose resources you can draw upon any time.