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Snowboard Camp - Adults snowboard too! We dont' get a ton of adult snowboarders at our camp, but the ones that come always have a great time and improve their riding skills. We work on the basic fundamentals of snowboarding, correct stance, carving, jumping, boxes and rails. Whatever you want to learn on a snowboard. ADULT SKI RACE CAMP VIDEO. Snowboard Holidays & Camps Site by Wattle Ask A Question You’re bound to have questions, so either give us a call on +44(0)1225 632 165 or send us a message below.

ALL-INCLUSIVE SUMMER SNOWBOARD CAMP FOR ADULTS (21+) While at first it may appear that High Cascade is just for kids, don't be fooled! For over 25 years, High Cascade's adult snowboard camps have been the catalyst for life-changing fun. Mindful Ski & Snowboard Camp is for individuals seeking a meaningful getaway with like-minded people that honors their passion for skiing and riding, the mountains and a desire to grow their mindfulness practice in a dynamic experience. For intermediate to expert skiers and snowboarders, and all mindfulness abilities welcome.

Pro Ride’s 1 & 2 week snowboard camps are designed to progress your skills and push your riding to the next level. Ride with our professional and exeperienced coaches who will take you under their wing and show you the secret riding spots Whistler Blackcomb has to offer. Exciting freeride, freestyle and snowboard instructor training in Whistler, Canada. Specializing in winter snowboard programs for adult intermediate-to-advanced level riders, our pro coaches are focused on progressing your riding to the next level. Proudly Whistler's only snowboard-specific camp since 1997.