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Phtha-what? The Facts on Phthalates and Sex Toys: The government doesn't regulate sex toys, so it's been left to adult industry to produce better products – and to you, the consumer, to find out the whole story on phthalates in order to make informed decisions. Lucky for you, EdenFantasys.com is . Oct 14, 2013 · There's been a push in recent years to educate Americans about choosing toys made from safe materials. Here are a few tips, courtesy of The Kinsey Institute: 1. Look for toys Author: Elizabeth Nolan Brown.

By the way there are a lot of material used in sex toys production that are completely free of phtalates, also some peculiar Jelly and Silicon based materials! adult toys for women, Lingerie. So, we can counsel patients to reduce phthalate exposures by avoiding the use of scented personal care products, soap, and cosmetics, since phthalates are used as a fragrance carrier. Phthalates can also be found in children’s toys, as well as adult toys.5/5(16).

Children’s toys and child care articles containing certain phthalates are prohibited. One example of a product that may contain phthalates is a children's rubber duck. The flexible plastic feel of the rubber duck may be the result of using phthalates in the manufacturing process. Toxic Sex Toys with Jennifer Pritchett from Smitten Kitten on Vimeo.. Posts from around the ‘net, written by others. Bloggers are asked to self-submit, but the links will be moderated to ensure that there’s no spam, or mis-information.

Another Formspring question here!. When looking for a new toy how do you know if it does or does not have pthalates? asked by mydnitebyte First, a definition from Wikipedia: Phthalates, or phthalate esters, are esters of phthalic acid and are mainly used as plasticizers (substances added to plastics to increase their flexibility, transparency, durability, and longevity). 1. Phthalates aren’t always included on labels, especially with personal care products and vinyl or plastic toys. When they are identified, it’s usually with an acronym like DHEP or DiBP.Author: Marcia Wade.

• Lower sperm count in adult males. Phthalates are weak endocrine disruptors and androgen. blocking chemicals. This means that when absorbed into the body phthalates can either mimic or block female hormones, or in males, suppress the hormones involved in male sexual development. Phthalates cross the placenta. 4340 Redwood Highway, Suite C400.