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spermicidal condom irritation duration -

Condom use for pregnancy prevention and to reduce the risk of sexually transmitted diseases dates back to ancient times. While modern condoms bear little resemblance to their historical counterparts, contraception and disease prevention remain the primary purposes for condom use. Condoms come in . treatments for allergic reation to spermicide. By justaskin | 25 posts, last My bf and I used a spermicidal condom twice and now the burning won't go away, sometimes I can't even sleep. However this last time we used a condom with spermicide and i noticed tiny little red bumps and just general red itchy irritation i havent noticed any.

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Spermicide is a contraceptive substance that destroys sperm, inserted vaginally prior to intercourse to prevent pregnancy.As a contraceptive, spermicide may be used alone. However, the pregnancy rate experienced by couples using only spermicide is higher than that of couples using other methods.First use: Ancient. Apr 25, 2017 · Condoms are a form of barrier birth control, and they come in many varieties. Some condoms come coated with spermicide, which is a type of Author: Corey Whelan.