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We suggest that you practice your first index on an old Bible or inexpensive Testament; Spread out the edge of the Bible at an angle to the right and with a soft-leaded pencil make seven parallel lines across the edge approximately one-third of the way down from . All Bibles must have a 1/2" margin space for Thumb Indexing. This page can only be used with Employee Authorization or by Phone Order at 1-800-310-0327 to ensure that the Bible in question is capable of being custom Thumb-Indexed. Review the "HELP" page located under Step 2 for more information.

An Indexing specialist for over 25 years, Ross-Gage is the largest indexer in the Americas, providing timely, quality indexing of many styles to publishers and printers internationally. Excellent Study Bible - Review by Curly Rocks. I bought this Bible to use as my study Bible and I am NOT disappointed. The Instant Reference Bible is the answer to my prayers as I always wanted to be able to have the reference scriptures to a text in exactly the same place as the scripture I am reading.

A Thumb-Indexed Thompson. You can order nearly any Thompson Bible Thumb-Indexed for just a few dollars extra. We carefully hand-cut 35 notches into the open side of your Thompson Bible and apply 26 black gilded tabs and 9 gold tabs, to help you locate all 66 books of your Bible, your Index, Helps Section, Concordance and Archaeology information.