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Mar 23, 2017 · Question: Im a 36 year old female, no children, hypothyroid. When I stand up after urinating, I can feel a some kind of a bubble escaping, I don't know if it is from Vagina or Urethra, though it feels like coming from above the Vagina.I got myself checked for urinary infection but there is Author: Dr. B. Radhakrishnan. Nair. Air/Gas bubbles in the vagina? Sely. Over the last few months I've found that I've become uncomfortable - for some strange reason, it feels like there are air or gas bubbles sitting in my vaginal canal. I am 22 and only 'active' with myself currently. I have not gained or lost any weight or had any other health concerns.

air escaping from my vagina after urinating when i wipe. By patricia hart10111 | 7 posts, After taking the antibiotics my pain went away but the air escaping is stiil there, is there a test out there that can detect a vaginal tear? air bubble coming from my vagina and there is yellow brownish "light" discharge. over a year ago. Air bubbles build up in the vagina and moving causes a quiff. Or intercourse usually doggystyle. Air bubbles escaping from the radiator is caused by a blown head gasket.

Aug 16, 2019 · Forcing air into the vaginal canal on purpose can be potentially dangerous, as it can lead to a condition called an air embolism, in which air bubbles are forced into the bloodstream. Ad. Although expelling air trapped in the vagina is often normal, many women find the noise it makes embarrassing and attempt to find methods to stop it from. Air can get drawn or sucked into the vagina during any of the above mentioned activities, especially if the vaginal opening is wider or looser than what it had been previously. After the air is drawn in it becomes trapped in the upper vagina behind one of the vaginal walls that may be loose, such as from a mildly dropped bladder.Author: Dr. Gail Gross Ph.D. Ed.D.

Helpful, trusted answers from doctors: Dr. Lin on vaginal air bubbles: Need a little more information here. The flow of urine is turbulent as it comes out the urethra (end of penis) which may in itself cause bubbling but there are some other very uncommon disorders that cause gas in the urinary tract and you may need to have examination and a urinalysis done. Jul 18, 2007 · I' ve recently experienced what feels like tiny air bubbles coming out of my vagina and I'm nervous because I dont know what it could be. It isn't any type of discharge I see or anything but it has a sort of fishy odor to it when I wipe after I pee, the odor isn't loud or anything but I still smell a fishy odor. Can anyone help me please.Status: Open.